Flaunting That Sexy Bikini


Flaunting That Sexy Bikini
Sporting a sexy bikini can be quite an ordeal if you don’t have the necessary endowments to compliment the garment. Whether it is at the beach or the pool, many women consider it too painful a thought to flaunt a bikini because they have gained extra pounds while hibernating over the winter season. And then, when they see a hot sexy bikini in the window display of a shop, they sigh and wonder if they will ever be able to sport one again.

However, remember that everything is not lost just yet and there are countless ways you can get rid of those unwelcome extra pounds. Here is a list of some of the most effective things you can do to regain the sexy bikini beach body you once had:

1. Diet before death – It is common for connoisseurs and guzzlers to be in perpetual denial that it could as well be what they eat that has packed more pounds on their body. If you want to get into that sexy bikini in the shop window, you will have to make some sacrifices first, even if it means cutting down on your food intake. Remember, if you want to lose weight without “breaking a sweat” (literally), then dieting is just the thing for you.

2. Workouts – Planning a workout regimen for yourself can also do wonders for you and also provide quick results. It is best to start slow and start by training for a shorter period of time as it takes some time for the body to adapt to a fitness regimen. You will really be amazed to see how quickly your body will respond to your efforts. Remember to mix your workout regimen to target different parts of the body. Start with a bit of callisthenics to really stretch that stubborn fat around your waist. Then switch to 10 minutes of aerobics to target the lower abdomen and thighs. Also, remember that endurance training is a more effective way of burning fat and you can get back those perfect curves and that chiseled body fast. So you still haven’t lost the chance to flaunt that sexy bikini at the upcoming pool party.

3. Green Tea – Another slow but sure way to burning fat is to drink lots of green tea. Green tea has anti-oxidants that boost and optimize your metabolism. They also have a tendency of affecting the appetite so that you will naturally be inclined to eat less at the dining table. Green tea is also great for the skin and hair.
If you think you will never again be able to fit into that favorite, sexy bikini you have owned, then think again. There are many ways that can help you to lose weight quickly and effectively. And the choice is yours to make, whether you would like to plan your own workout regimen, or simply control your daily food intake.


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